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In June 2012, the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) introduced the Progressive Work Model (PWM) to help workers in different sectors achieve sustainable real wage increases through skills upgrading and productivity improvements. There are four key components in a PWM: salary progression, skills upgrading, career advancement and productivity improvements. The PWM encompasses specific wage ladders tailored for each industry sector. Each wage ladder comprises a series of wage points, and is intended to enable workers at all levels of the ladder to upgrade and progress to their next respective wage points. Please click this link for further information on PWM.

8th December 2017
Our employee Mr. Alphonsus did a wonderful job during his daily routine deployment. He was rewarded with NTUC vouchers of $200.00 for his excellent performance.
November 2017
CPF Board gave us a Letter of Appreciation complimenting our good practices in ensuring all our employees CPF are paid correctly and promptly.