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Security system Singapore

Security Personnel Pte Ltd is an independent provider of customised security solutions and security systems in Singapore with a focus on using technology to cater to a customer’s requirements. Customers face an ever changing business landscape which requires them to act swiftly in order to stay ahead of the competition and our Technology works together with customers to provide a seamless solution from conceptualisation to completion combined with a reliable maintenance programme. This ensures that clients experience minimal disruption to their work and to allow them to focus on their core businesses.Majority of the customised security solutions include components of:

  • CCTV Systems
  • Visitor Management System
  • Guard Tour System
  • Maintenance Support
  • IMEC WD1621P Dual Cage Full Height Turnstile
  • Enduro+ / Enduro+ Duo Magicard Printer
  • Speed Gates



CCTV Systems

We offers a wide range of CCTV solutions catered specifically for businesses. Monitoring can be done simultaneously for multiple locations on a single screen and even over the Internet. The CCTV systems offer flexible connection with other existing security systems like access control, intrusion detection and fence intrusion. Additionally with our selections of DVR, your videos can be recorded digitally for easy storage and viewing purposes.

General CCTV features:

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • IR / Day-Night Surveillance
  • Fixed / Pan-Tilt-Zoom
  • Analog / Network IP Based
  • High resolution

DVR features:

  • Network Scalable Digital Video Recorder
  • Dynamic E-map
  • Emergency Recording
  • Instant Replay
  • Mosaic View for Privacy
  • Watermarking
  • Remote Health Checking Function for s/w Operation
Visitor Management System

The Visitor Management System replaces traditional manual scribbles of names in the visitor record books. It electronically scans the barcode of ID card, Driver’s License and Work Permit swiftly and easily, avoiding long waiting queues. Moreover, the security personnel is also able to enter additional details immediately upon registration or at a later stage into the database system.

This system simplifies and reduces the administrative hassle, supporting your security personnel to act immediately in any case of emergency, and in turn enhancing efficiency and security.

At a glance:

  • Scan barcode of licenses, work permits and NRIC
  • Camera interface to capture Business Cards, NRIC, Passport and Visitor’s photo
  • Automatic identification for subsequent visits
  • Generate reports of visitor traffic easily and quickly
  • Sticker print with picture
Guard Tour System

The Guard Tour System is a data collector that provides accurate records of service activities which are performed at predetermined times and places. It is lightweight and easy to handle because it is able to recognise approved RFID tags and other transponders automatically without any operating elements on the reader. Furthermore, the report generator provides a comprehensive evaluation report telling who did what, where and when.

At a glance:

  • Records service activities
  • Lightweight
  • High memory capacity
  • Shock resistant

Maintenance Support

Security Personnel Pte Ltd views maintenance support services as an integral part of its core business. Every client and business deserves customised plans and solutions as well as up to date maintenance and upgrading of its current systems and technologies. As such, we provide maintenance support on two main levels. First, hardware maintenance support, whereby we provide hardware and system analysis to help clients repair system faults and to increase long term sustainability. We provide consultation pertaining to the application of security systems and how best to deploy them for maximum effectiveness.

By drawing on the expertise of trained professionals, our support team is well equipped to assist you in overcoming challenges, as well as to provide assistance on how to maintain and improve security standards for your business in the long run.

Security Personnel Pte Ltd has a long running history of providing quality maintenance service to many businesses that place a premium on security. Clients may not have systems installed by us, but so long as security is a priority, we are ready and willing to be of support. The depth and breadth of knowledge base allows us to offer you quality professionalism.


IMEC WD1621P Dual Cage Full Height Turnstile

Full Height turnstiles are designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas through a perimeter fence opening, simple doorway or lobby entrance. Variety of options available-manual, free rotating to electrically controlled, bi-directional. Controlled by card access system or other remote devices which interface via the electronic control. Configurable to give controlled access and egress in both directions.

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Enduro+ / Enduro+ Duo Magicard Printer

The Enduro+ is a single-sided printer which can be easily field upgraded to double-sided by means of a simple drop-in upgrade kit. The Enduro+ Duo is pre-configured as a double-sided printer. The user has the option to print a transparent HoloKote security watermark over the printed card image. When used with HoloPatch cards, one area of the HoloKote watermark is highlighted for distance visibility. A choice of 4 fixed HoloKote patterns are selectable from the printer driver.

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Speed Gates

A mobility hotspot is a domain that forms the gateway to a visitor’s destination; it is also the domain where the flow of visitors and employees is managed. This requires a system that allows some users to pass through directly but directs others in another direction, for instance towards a reception desk or another part of the building. Boon Edam speed gates allow for this to be achieved with minimal inconvenience to the users and without forming an obtrusive barrier in the entry.

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